Positive Talks: US-China Cooperation and Call for Diplomacy

On Sunday, Chinese Premier Li Qiang and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spoke positively about their countries' mutual cooperation. Janet also pleaded with both parties to refrain from heated discourse.

Positive Talks: US-China Cooperation and Call for Diplomacy

  • Fostering Cooperation: Positive Talks between US Treasury Secretary and Chinese Premier
  • Diplomatic Plea: Janet Yellen Urges Open Communication to Advance US-China Relations
  • Optimism in Guangzhou: Anticipation Grows Among Chinese Internet Users for Improved Relations"

Building Bridges: Janet Yellen's Diplomatic Mission to China

Janet, the US Finance Minister, was in China. She traveled from the southern city of Guangzhou to Beijing, the nation's capital, yesterday. She had a meeting with the Premier of China.

She informed Li Qiang during the meeting that open and honest communication is the best way for US-China relations to advance.

Li Qiang greeted Janet and expressed China's sincere wish that the two nations would work together rather than against one another.

The premier of China also stated that since Janet's arrival in Guangzhou, Chinese internet users have been following the specifics of her visit.  It is anticipated among them that the US-China relationship will keep getting better.

In Guangzhou, a port city in the south, Janet hosted multiple meetings. There, Janet met with Vice Premier He Lifeng of China for a few hours.

It's Janet's second trip to China in less than a year. 

"I think we have been able to keep our bilateral relations at a more stable level in the past year," Janet said to Li Qiang at the start of the two-day visit's high-level talks in Beijing. But we are far more involved in it than that.

Janet said, "If we can communicate directly and openly with each other, avoiding tough conversations, more progress can be made."

Janet Yellen's visit would set the setting for assessing potential progress, according to Ryan Haas, a senior scholar at the US-based think tank Brookings Institution, who spoke with AFP. However, only time will tell if this visit will yield tangible outcomes.

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