India-China Border Situation Needs To Be Addressed Urgently: PM Modi

India-China Border Dispute – Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the significance of bilateral relations between China and India and stated that both nations must resolve any points of conflict resulting from the border dispute.


In an interview with Newsweek Magazine, PM Modi stated that "stable and peaceful" relations with China were beneficial for the globe as a whole, not only for the two nations or the region.

India-China Border Situation Needs To Be Addressed Urgently: PM Modi

"India places great importance on its ties with China. In order to move past the anomaly in our bilateral interactions, I think we need to take immediate steps to resolve the protracted situation on our borders," he stated. 

"The world, as well as our two countries, depend on stable and peaceful relations between China and India. We will be able to restore and maintain peace and tranquility within our borders if we have constructive and positive bilateral cooperation at the diplomatic and military levels," the prime minister said.

PM Modi On Competing With China

In reference to India's competition with its eastern neighbor in terms of constructing public infrastructure and luring international corporations to its borders, Prime Minister Modi stated that a growing global power was a “natural choice” for companies looking to grow their supply chains and enterprises. 

For those seeking to diversify their supply chains, India is an obvious choice because of its democratic political system and role as a driver of global economic growth. 

We have implemented revolutionary economic reforms, such as 

  • the Goods and Services Tax, 
  • lower corporate taxation, 
  • the Bankruptcy Code, 
  • labor law changes, and a 
  • loosening of FDI restrictions. 

As a result, the convenience of conducting business has significantly improved. We are working to bring our infrastructure, taxation policies, and regulatory framework up to speed with international norms.

In his remarks, he also discussed the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) programs, which aim to strengthen Indian manufacturing capacities. He stated that these programs cover 14 industries, including solar energy, electronics, medical devices, and autos. 

"Due to our advantages, India is currently regarded as the world's best location for producing premium goods at reasonable prices. In addition to producing for the global market, the enormous Indian home market is a draw. According to PM Modi, India is the ideal location for anyone looking to establish reliable and robust supply chains.

PM Modi On Jammu And Kashmir After Abrogation Of Article 370

Addressing criticism of his government for stripping the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir of certain constitutional privileges under Article 370, Prime Minister Modi said people are now reaping the "peace dividend" and "one has to believe in the development process, good governance and people empowerment. "

"More than 21 million tourists visited Jammu and Kashmir in 2023. The number of terrorist attacks has decreased significantly. Organized protests and stone pelting that once disrupted normal life are now a thing of. the past. New dawn has also emerged for Kashmiri women who now have the same rights as their male counterparts. Since the repeal, the region has become a welcome destination for global events," he said.

PM Modi On Lok Sabha Elections

Asked about the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Modi said India has proved to be an exception where people's support for the government has increased even at the end of its second consecutive term.

"By the end of the second. term, the most popular governments will lose support during the government's term. Also, dissatisfaction with governments has increased worldwide in recent years. India stands out as an exception where popular support for our government is growing," he said.

"Our government has worked under the motto 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas' which means Together for everyone's growth, with everyone's faith and everyone's efforts. People trust that if someone else has benefited. People have seen that India has moved from 11th to 5th in terms of economy. Now the country's aspiration is that India soon becomes the third largest economy,” he added.

PM Modi On Discrimination Against Religious Minorities

Rejecting allegations of discrimination against religious minorities, PM Modi said these are "common tropes" used by some people "who don't mind meeting people outside their bubble".

"Minorities of all religions, whether Muslims or Christians , Buddhists , Sikhs, Jains or even a micro-minority like Parsis live happily and prosper in India. For the first time in our country, our government has come up with unique saturation coverage schemes and initiatives. Our government is not limited to a particular community or any geographical location. They aim to achieve everyone, which means they are designed in such a way that there can be no discrimination," PM Modi said.

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