China in Tension Due to India's Jet Engine Deal with America, Know How True is The Fear of Dragon

China is currently experiencing tension due to India's recent defense deal with the United States, specifically related to the procurement of jet engines. 

China in Tension Due to India's Jet Engine Deal with America, Know How True is The Fear of Dragon
India - US Agreement of 414 Jet Engines

This deal, which took place during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to America, involves an agreement between Hindustan Aeronautical Limited (HAL) and the American company GE Aerospace to manufacture F 414 jet engines in India

China has expressed concerns and has begun spreading propaganda in response to this development.

China's apprehension stems from the growing proximity between India and the United States. An article published in China's official newspaper, the Global Times, warned India to distance itself from America. 

The fear of China is centered around the potential implications of the deepening Indo-US relationship. 

However, according to a former State Department official quoted by the Hindustan Times, the strengthening ties between India and the US are not driven by concerns about China. Instead, China is attempting to portray the growing relations as an alliance aimed at targeting China itself.

The warming relations between India and the US are not solely focused on countering China. The two countries have been engaged in 

  • economic reforms, 
  • bilateral relations, and 
  • technology transfer 

over the past two decades. The recent defense cooperation is an extension of this trajectory.

China's jealousy regarding President Joe Biden's warm welcome to Prime Minister Modi during his state visit is apparent. 

In addition to the jet engine deal, India has also signed an agreement with the US for the acquisition of MQ-9B drones, which are considered the most advanced and dangerous drones in the world. 

This development enables India to monitor China's activities along the land borders and in the sea. Consequently, China perceives these deals as a threat.

The procurement of the MQ-9B drones, known for their precision targeting and armed capabilities, will significantly narrow the military imbalance between India and China.

This drone acquisition is particularly significant as it directly competes with China's armed drones provided to Pakistan. China's discomfort with this development has led to the propagation of propaganda regarding the India-US relationship.

Overall, while the fear of China is present in the context of India's defense deals with America, it is essential to recognize that the strengthening Indo-US relations are not solely motivated by countering China. 

Instead, China is attempting to portray the relationship as a threat and is spreading propaganda to undermine it.

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