China Angry At Australian High Commissioner Statement On India China Border Dispute

India China News: Border dispute mutual matter, no one's interference is acceptable. China lashed out at Australia regarding India China border dispute. 

China Angry At Australian High Commissioner Statement On India China Border Dispute

China expressed its strong dissatisfaction with the statement made by the Australian High Commissioner regarding the border dispute between India and China. 

Why Is China Angry? 

According to China, the situation along the India-China border is stable, and they believe that the dispute should be resolved through bilateral negotiations without any interference from third parties. 

The Australian High Commissioner had reportedly made comments in support of India while criticizing China.

The Chinese Embassy's spokesperson responded to the Australian High Commissioner's statement by emphasizing that the border issue is a bilateral matter between China and India, and China does not accept any external interference. 

This reaction from China has once again strained the already tense relationship between Australia and China. The relationship between the two countries had deteriorated during the Covid-19 pandemic when Australia called for an investigation into the origins of the virus. 

In response, China imposed economic sanctions on Australia, including banning the export of certain essential commodities.

What Did Australian High Commissioner Said? 

The Australian High Commissioner, Barry O'Farrell, had highlighted the strong and growing partnership between India and Australia, particularly in the areas of defense and security. 

Without explicitly mentioning China, he suggested that the India-Australia alliance could deter coercion or attempts of coercion

O'Farrell also mentioned the joint military exercises and cooperation between India, Australia, and other countries, emphasizing the historical collaboration between their air forces during a challenging period after the 1962 India-China war.

China's Response 

In response, the Chinese Embassy spokesperson, Wang Xiaojian, directly addressed the Australian High Commissioner on Twitter, asserting that the China-India border situation is stable and it is a matter for China and India to resolve. 

Wang criticized Australia's alleged imposition of economic pressure on China, accusing them of disregarding market principles, engaging in bullying tactics, and disrupting the positive momentum of bilateral cooperation.

Overall, the statement by the Australian High Commissioner regarding the India-China border dispute has provoked strong displeasure from China, further straining their already fragile relationship with Australia.

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