Border Situation Crucial for India-China Relations, Affirms Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar

India China Relations: India's External Affairs Minister, S.K. Jaishankar, emphasized on Wednesday that the status of India-China relations would be determined by the situation on the border, particularly in light of the prolonged military standoff along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh. 

Border Situation Crucial for India-China Relations, Affirms Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar
Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar

Speaking at a discussion session, Jaishankar stated, "The current situation on the border remains unusual." Regarding the recent visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the United States, he described it as a highly significant trip and highlighted the exceptionally positive nature of the relationship between the two countries.

Challenges Related to China

Jaishankar pointed out that India's relationship with China is currently facing challenging times due to violations of the border management system. The military standoff between Indian and Chinese forces in Eastern Ladakh has resulted in a deadlock. 

However, both sides have engaged in comprehensive diplomatic and military talks and have withdrawn their respective troops from several conflict areas. 

Jaishankar emphasized, "We consider China as our neighbor, a major neighbor. It has now evolved into a significant economic powerhouse and global power."

The Foreign Minister emphasized the importance of mutual respect and adherence to agreements in any bilateral relationship. 

He stated, "The reason behind the current challenging period is the failure to comply with our agreements." Jaishankar further emphasized that the border situation itself would dictate the state of the relationship, which continues to remain uncertain.

India's Relationship with the US

Regarding India's relations with the United States, Jaishankar highlighted their significant advancement over the past two decades. 

He acknowledged the extraordinary measures taken by Washington, such as 

  • nuclear agreements, 
  • exemptions from export control, and 
  • technology transfers, 

as evidence of the exceptional improvement in bilateral ties. 

He remarked, "It is evident that our relations with the United States have become exceptionally good. I believe that the recent visit of the Prime Minister has further solidified this positive trajectory."

India's Relationship with Russia 

Discussing India's relationship with Russia, Jaishankar described it as unique and enduring. Despite facing pressure regarding its ties with Russia, India has independently assessed the importance of this relationship. 

The Foreign Minister acknowledged that this relationship presents intellectual challenges, particularly due to India's reliance on defense supplies. 

He stated, "It is a much more complex issue than it appears. Our engagement with Russia holds significant geopolitical significance." He also noted that the economic dimension of the India-Russia relationship has gained greater attention in recent times.

In conclusion, the border situation plays a decisive role in shaping India-China relations, as highlighted by Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar. While relations with the United States have witnessed remarkable progress, India's relationship with Russia remains special and multifaceted, encompassing both defense and economic aspects.

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